Sailboat Transportation

Sailboat transportation is the most complex of all relocations. Proper placement of every upright support and cross bar, along with balancing the correct amount of weight in the keel is very important. With our wide-belly yacht trailers, we can accept all keel styles (wing, bulb, shoal, etc.). Mast-handling is also an important part of the move. The mast can go in two places, either on top of the boat or down the length of the trailer under the boat. Each location has its advantages, however it depends on the boat and where it is going. Proper support and strapping is a must with all masts.

We use static film as a barrier between the mast and the extra carpet/padding that the mast sits on. The same system is applied where we secure the mast with nylon straps to the trailer.

We have moved some very large sailboats coast-to-coast, and look forward to helping you with your next relocation.