Boat Transportation

Powerboat transportation is our specialty. Integrating the marine and trucking industry has its challenges. Knowing how to load, secure, and transport the vessel safely is only half the battle. Working with each state to find the best route, and overcoming all issues set forth are some of the things we deal with daily. Marinas were not put directly on the interstate, so we have height problems, cornering issues, and ground-clearance issues.

Powerboats ship in both directions, depending on the length and height. In most cases larger boats will load backwards on the trailer to reduce the loaded height. Height is the most difficult aspect of a large boat relocation. Proper placement of the boat on the trailer is also critical, for both weight distribution, and knowing where to put the pads and keel blocks. Load securement is also very important. When loading large boats, we put them as low as possible and have very tight tolerances. Making sure the vessel stays in its particular spot is key. Strapping the boat in either direction, and putting extra padding where required is a must.